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"In The Mouth of Madness" 1994 Directed by: John Carpenter Horror / Supernatural Horror

Jaws alternative Poster

Jaws (1975)

Jaws alternative Poster (The juxtaposition of the sheriff in front of Jaws is nice but why is he aiming away from the shark?

20 Awesome Netflix's Stranger Things Fan Art Pieces

21 Awesome Fan Art Pieces for Netflix's Stranger Things

A Clockwork Orange - Rhys Cooper - ''Korova Milk +'' ----

Rhys Cooper - "Korova Milk +"

Beetlejuice Movie Poster by Ken Taylor. - Another example of a Beetlejuice poster. This one is got a mix of ligher and darker colors which i think suits the movie well as there is quite abit of humor in it. The "sand worm" wrapped around the house is a good representation of the two worlds coming together.

50 Must See Alternative Movie Posters By Designers

The Invisible Man - As a child, I so wanted to see this but my Mother feared I'd be too scared. She was right! the next day at school I kept having the feeling that an invariable person was following me.

Altermative FILM Poster - "The Invisible Man", by H.Wells, cast: Gloria Stuart, Claude Rains, Universal Pictures - Digital Illustration and NewRetro Design by Francesco Francavilla (b.