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I've always wanted a baby raccoon as a pet. I would name it "Bandit!" Unless it were a girl, then possibly "Bonnie?" The stories I could tell about the two baby raccoons I rescued from the woods, Zorro and Igor

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Such a beautiful boy. Reminds me of the Billy, the raccoon I tried to save. RIP sweet Billy.

Blossom the Racoon I have a pic like this that my grandfather took in the late raccoon was in an apple tree.


-baby racoons - beautiful- So sweet when their little had one as a pet- Miss her

Tony the tiget...cute

I want a tiger. I want to name it Purra, after Coco Bandicoot's pet tiger. Yes, that's what I want.

Good morning! #happyday

Here is a happy otter for you board. One day, you will be as happy as this otter.look at that cute smile c:

Animals of the World ~ http://www.pinterest.com/joysavor/animals-of-the-world/

Pick: Cute Thirsty Raccoons Of The Day

Not only do birds use the bird bath, it's also a great water fountain for racoons.