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Kind of sad, but true. I don't do well in a crisis or chaos mode...

A Libra person is extremely sensitive to their environment and doesn't function well around chaos.

That would be scary one time I though of this monster that looked like golem with wings and he was screaming really loud

I don't really believe in the zodiac.which makes it hard to admit that I almost fit my sign exactly.oh my famously named friend, if you only knew the things we've done together in my fervid imagination.

Bliss :)

Bliss is the Sand between your Toes and the Sunburn on your Nose. Oh how I miss sand between my toes.


Your "Inner Bitch" is the one person who will stand with you and stand up for you when no one else will. Embrace your inner fight . run with your inner bitch

Hmm.  Going to have to think about that...  Do I need that?

Well I couldn't have seen this at a more ironic time in my life ❤