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Hard to argue

And this is another reason I like him.

One of the hardest jobs in the world

Blue line. Protecting us all, whose kin never know when kissing him goodbye in the am if that kiss will be the last he will receive in this life. Support The Thin Blue Line.

How to Cope With The War on Cops As A Police Wife

How to Cope With The War on Cops As A Police Wife

It's hard enough at times to be married to a police officer. In the current climate of an all-out war on cops, it's terrifying.

President Ronald Reagan God Bless the U.S.A .What a GOD fearing awesome USA president..

President Ronald Reagan loved America, the American people and the Constitution. Here he is seen kissing the flag to show his love for the country it represents.

Ronald Reagan by Chris Hopkins  chrishopkinsart.com  I love this!

A real President, Ronald Reagan being saluted by a young boy in a charming illustration of what it was like to have President Reagan in office for 8 glorious years. Remember this when you vote Nov.

Hillary the corporate whore is a Republican who will do more damage than if David Koch were elected !