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"All My Children" cast photo (1999/2000)

"All My Children" cast photo

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THEN AND NOW: See How Your Favorite Products Have Changed Over Time

Nestle Strawberry Quik powder flavoring for your milk. It came with a little plastic scoop.

my mom hated these but she kept buying them for us kids.

After all this time… NOSTALGIA (28 photos)

how grandmothers used to look- I've a deep soft spot for this sort of grandmother image.

How grandmothers used to look.they wore shoes that came in one color, black, and looked like men's oxford shoes that tied up the front, but had a two inch heel in the back. The front of the shoe was wide to accommodate arthritis, corns and bunions.

Remember this... when you were called to answer a question and had to use the red grease pencil that you peeled to sharpen.  Lol!!!!

After all this time… NOSTALGIA (28 photos)

The classroom overhead projector. Some of these were still in use last school year when I retired from the teaching profession. I had only had mine out of the classroom for a year, when I went exclusively with the smartboard and the E.

Listermint Mouthwash OMG, I so remember using this stuff in the 70's.

Listermint Mouthwash cents remember when the cent sign was actually a key & not a symbol you had to look up

Yep! We all survived! Before the government stuck their nose in our home life!

3 TV station you had to get up to change, No video games, A corded Phone w/ rotary dialing & so much more.