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Don't let your mind bully your soul. #loveyourself #empoderamento #femme #feminista

Tips for being single (Falling for you.)

If you're single: enjoy yourself, eat good food, travel to neat places, laugh, do whatever makes you happy. Focus on yourself and everything will fall into place.

Andy Warhol Quote // Original Artwork // Digital Print // Literary Art // Typography // Andy Warhol // "EYES SHUT"

How different the world would be if we all FIRST had to get to know one another via judgements based on looks, voice, bank account, education, position, type of clothing or vehicle driven...just them/their soul.

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I think more people should try to do this. Too many people speak just to hear themselves talk. Embrace the silence

"The creative Adult is the Child who Survived." - U. LeGuin

elviralo: "Photo" (This Insignificant Life)

Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm Irie and I'm 19 years old. This is my place where I can share my positivity with the world :) > Below in the USEFUL page you can find more info about law of attraction and links to: books films recordings positive...


Me, me and my others me. Just a woman, but a million pieces; don't be surprised... or yes. In English, because it is the language of the Internet. En español, porque es mi idioma. Copyright infringement are unintentional. Claim if you are the...