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Barred Owl Print featuring the photograph Barred Owl Portrait by Dale Kincaid

Barred Owl Portrait Art Print by Dale Kincaid

Dale Kincaid sold a x print of Barred Owl Portrait to a buyer from Redondo Beach, CA


Barred Owl in Snow-covered Tree Barred Owl (Strix varia) perched in a snowy conifer, during winter in Canada.

PRINT ... Athenenoctua little owl .... by happyapplebumblebee, $6.00

PRINT ... Athenenoctua little owl .... by happyapplebumblebee, $6.00

Barred Owl ... by Jody Melanson

Barred Owl By Jody Melanson

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one of my fave animals

Snowy Owl Poster 50% off #zazzle animal #leatherwooddesign leatherwooddesign.com

Snowy Owl Poster

Night Sounds From The Porch: Owls hooting it up in my backyard.

the owl- leovinh by childrensillustrator on DeviantArt  Found on childrensillustrator.deviantart.com

the owl- leovinh by childrensillustrator on DeviantArt

Wiccan Moonsong: Barred Owls So the other day I was working and I had my ocean sounds going on youtube, over my ocean came the distinct sound of an owl. I muted the sound on my computer and just sat there listening to it for quite some time. My son joined me quite quickly as he was curious why I had the house so quiet. :))) I was just captivated by it. I usually don't hear owls during the day. After a bit of research, I believe it was the Barred Owl.

This is the type of owl that was hunting on our fence a few nights ago!

Barred owl - a beautiful owl with a very loud hoooot, hooooot, hoooot - we could hear them every night at our house in Temple Terrace, Fl. They are a large owl.

Beautiful capture of a Barred Owl - by photosauraus rex

Barred Owl Close Up Photograph

Barred Owls have such kind eyes.

☆ Barred Owl :¦: Photography By Bill Maynard ☆

Diagnosis: The Barred Owl is medium in size. Its coloration is gray and brown with white horizontal “bars” on the chest and vertical bars .

Barred Owl

Barred Owl (captive) at Mountsberg Birds of Prey Sanctuary, near Hamilton, Ontario

David Chauvin, Barred Owls, South Louisiana

A Barred Owl! This is the type of owl that has been in the pine tree outside our MBR & master bath! It is amazingly loud and we have had quite a few sleepless nights! So amazing!

Barred Owlet Also, check out my site www.goldenrealmstories.com for stories that take you places you've never been. Also I'll have a new site with beautiful landscape art and abstract art up this summer. Have fun! John.

Went to the wayback machine today -- had to reprocess this image to send out to someone. I really enjoyed seeing this little fuzzy bird again, so thought you might enjoy it also.

Barred Owl by Earl Reinink

Barred Owl by Earl Reinink

Mexican Spotted Owl

The Mexican spotted owl (Strix occidentalis lucida) is one of three subspecies of spotted owl. Though it is the smallest of the spotted owls, it is one of the largest owls in North America, and lives in old-growth forests.So pretty