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Albert Einstein

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

Every problem has a root. Go there instead of scratching the surface.

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Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Albert Einstein, we go back where we began positive words negative words

Mindfulness training in healthcare---Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction---so many benefits to body and mind.

Mindfulness is the Aware Balanced Acceptance of the Present Experience ~ it isn't more complicated than that ~ Practice Mindfulness ༺♡༻ WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™

"Life is available only in the present moment." ★★★★ ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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and this remains to be my struggle .... what battle to select, what to let go ... how to find peace w/o standing up for myself.

Be selective with your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right. ~ But sometimes silence is mistakenly interpreted to mean complicity.

Hakuna Matata :)

Law of attraction- Create the life you want have with "Unlimited Abundance". The law of attraction is very very real

my to-do list for today:  count my blessings, practice kindness, let go of what i can't control, listen to my heart, be productive yet calm, just breathe

My "To-Do" list for today: Count my blessings Practice Kindness Let go of what I can't control Listen to my heart Be positive yet calm Just breathe

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Eckhart Tolle on

The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. #positivitynote #upliftingyourspirit

The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.