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Epic fail, installing a caution sign about parking to close to the rail tracks when he was hit by a train. See the name of the company on the door?

Big Slackwater is now OPEN to the public! Visitors can access at Burnside or Dam 4 area. McMahon's Mill access is still closed. Use extreme caution riding this section as it is very narrow and there are no guard rails. Obey the speed limit and slow down when passing others to avoid accidents.river construction 1

Close-up of an upper-quadrant semaphore signal. Perhaps the most classic of all railroad signals, the semaphore, came into general use in the 1860's. This type, based on an ancient form of communication that used a moveable "arm" or "blade," soon became by far the most common signal. Various signal indications were conveyed by setting the blade in different positions. The problem of night visibility was addressed by using lamps in conjunction with the blade. Semaphores were constructed with…

these may seem like normal train tracks, however their grim past leaves me terrified to even come close to them as they lead to one of the most horrifying places in our history. Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp was occupied by over a million Jews during the Holocaust.

Howard County Police say five teens were injured, one critically, in a crash that happened in front of a high school Thursday afternoon.