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The word “prepared” is important. Like ONI, and almost certainly the FBI, Helms and the CIA did not deliver “an exact reproduction” of an original Oswald file, but of a file that had been belatedly “prepared” in March for others to see."

President John F Kennedy Funeral, Life Magazine, 6 December 1963

11/25/63 - Jackie, Bobby, and Teddy leave the Capitol, to wait below for JFK's casket to be carried down for it's trip to the White House and cathedral.

Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen was the only person to have a private interview with Jack Ruby, the man who shot Lee Oswald. She told friends about the JFK assassination "If its the last thing I do I'm going to break this case" -she never did. She was found dead in mysterious circumstances on Nov 8th 1965

'I wrapped the president's exploded head in my jacket': Jackie Kennedy's secret service agent relives horrifying moments after JFK was assassinated

Clint Hill, who is now 80, said he did 'everything I could, but I still feel guilt' about the assassination

JFK's coffin is delivered to Air Force One at Love Field, on Friday, 11/22/63. Clint Hill and Mrs. Kennedy rode in the hearse together.

After the funeral of US President John F. Kennedy, former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (1929 - 1994) and, among othes, her brothers-in-law Robert F. Kennedy (1925 - 1968) (obscured behind her) and Ted Kennedy (1932 - 2009) (at right) stand to leave the gravesite, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, November 25, 1963.