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Thats right

Don't blame the gun, which was a tool used by an evil individual. A gun is a tool that can save your life and one around you but the gun can't function on its own.

Guns don't kill people.  People that don't value human life kill people.

People that don't value human life kill people." So true! A moral person with a gun poses a threat only to immoral people who initiate aggression.

train your daughters in gun safety… teach them how to handle and shoot one......

American Rebel 🇸🇴 on

Father Daughter time: Help her learn to shoot like a confident secure girl and enjoy some time together.

Well I would grab a gun that was in my house, and then not pray because there are 7 billion people in the world, some in much worse situations then a simple home invasion.

Guess it's a good thing I like guns, believe in God & oh that's right.I'm a police dispatcher so I'll be sending those officers with guns.

Every time I'm hired by a diplomat, this is what I tell them.

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities-LA: "You can give peace a chance, I'll cover you in case it doesn't work out.

Bill of Rights Truth

Rights Don't Change Just Because Technology Advances - Meoso

Do you understand young man?

Totally doing this when I am older. Hahaha my daughter would hate my husband and I!

Exactly! Pro 2ndamendment

If you don’t have to give up your car because others drive drunk with theirs . then why do you have to give up your gun because others commit crimes with theirs?