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The best reason to have a baby is so you can put this sticker on your SUV. View "Car Says Baby on Board in Best Way Possible" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Ho Made Apple Butter ! apple butter is always better when it's made by ho's LOL

Just Periodically..... :) LOL I want this!!!!!! TOTALLY BUY IT FOR ME!!!!!!!

Saturday morning funnies

Nerdy humor: Chemists do it on the table periodically. my nerdy side likes this shirt.

I'm on the pursuit of happiness. — suhhspence: cheapme: Found on a Mini Cooper. ...

Funny pictures about Stop the spread of minivans. Oh, and cool pics about Stop the spread of minivans. Also, Stop the spread of minivans photos.

haha that would me

X-Ray Photobomb

X-Ray Photobomb. For the win. lo/ Mun bigotted X-Ray Photobomb Seriously wtf For the win lo/ Mun bigotted

Love letter:)... its so cute too bbad you know the dishes wont be cleaned just because of this note...

Dirty dishes

Funny pictures about I'm feeling dirty. Oh, and cool pics about I'm feeling dirty. Also, I'm feeling dirty.

There's going to be food? Okay, I'll come.

honestly, it's literally the deciding factor for most events i'm invited to.

For my desk at work..,

Funny Desk Plate for Boss - Gag Gift Funny desk plate that reads: "Fucker in charge of you fucking fucks"