Read Chatper 1 from the story 18 Dates //Destiel High School AU// by Superpainful- (Probably the worst Senpai) with reads.

His Red Right Hand by ~NaSyu on deviantART

His Red Right Hand by ~NaSyu on deviantART <---- this is sooooo creepy, really intense. Wow >> I don't know how I should feel.

End!Verse Destiel Commission by DeerAzeen

Fits it nicely with the Tripping 'Verse.Verse Destiel Commission by DeerAzeen

Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) & Castiel (Misha Collins) - “Destiel” from “Supernatural” - Kiss

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Destiel pieces of heaven Dean and Castiel from Supernatural Fanart / ship

Destiel... because we ALL KNOW Dean stares at Cas' lips. If he wants to do it, why can't he?! I REALLY wish it were that simple :'(

because we ALL KNOW Dean stares at Cas' lips. I really wish it were that simple :'(

11222463_917940088260976_3724491705947608902_n.jpg (540×525)

11222463_917940088260976_3724491705947608902_n.jpg (540×525)

Cute Destiel Kiss. Cas starts to shy away, maybe just to breathe and give Dean a chance to change his mind. But Dean's mouth and Dean's body follow him never really letting the kiss break. Dean doesn't need to think about this, he already knows he wants it. >> repinning bc of that comment

My board is called Supernatural, when really it should be called: "Destiel, Destiel, and a little more Destiel." <<<this is why I have separate boards for Destiel and Supernatural


It's really surprising they've let Dean say these things to Cas. THESE "innocent" things. "Blow me"? And we're called crazy for shipping them. << Yeah, it's pretty insane

OMG I thought the first and second were actual photos

I'm wholly and gleefully transfixed by this. It makes my soul flutter with desire and feel calm with tranquillity.