These Berry Fluff Bars are a fun spin on the summer potluck favorite, with a graham cracker crust and lots of fresh berries.

"The Absolute Best Homemade Creation Ever . . . The Infamous Old-Fashioned Made From Scratch - Butterscotch Meringue Pie In Flakey Butter or Lard Created Pie Crust! A Definite Delectable Delight Served With Your Personal Favs!" ~ Terri ~

PLOP! The sound of cranberry sauce being dropped from its can onto a serving plate. “Ahhhhh….” The sound of an appreciative dessert-lover enjoying a bite of buttery, tender, tart-sweet cranberry cake. PLOP is OK. But “Ahhhh…” So much more satisfying, when you’re a DIY-type person. Read: home baker. Being a Massachusetts gal, I admit to &

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