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Perfume is an example of a product that can meet a costumer need for uniqueness. As perfumes have different fragrances, it can assert one's individual identity.

Vermont Artisan Designs Teardrop Perfume Bottle - This perfume bottle is crystalline with color by Mary Angus.

Filigree vintage perfume bottle

55 Gorgeous Vintage Perfume Bottles You'll Lust after ...

Art Glass Perfume Bottles in turquoise & White all w' Crystal Faceted Stoppers - Silver necks and Detail...

Art Glass Perfume Bottles in Blue & White all w' Crystal Faceted Stoppers - Silver necks and Detail.How beautiful are these perfume bottles! Can't imagine what they cost back in the day!

Unique - Purse Perfume Bottle. I think if I hadn't inherited my mothers s collection, I would collect these. I think perfume bottles are so beautiful

trinkets-treasures-n-treats: “ (via my virtual vanity / Rucci Pink Handbag Shaped Perfume Bottle) ”

Not this. Just perfume. I picked my last one. I can't smell. I wear it...and  I  Sneeze.   All.  Freekin.  Day!!!!!!!!!!! This is why I let my children choose Please! Oh, and it must be cheap. Sorry, but anything over $20 is a waste lol

Tapered Twist Perfume Bottle by Thomas Kelly (Art Glass Perfume Bottle