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This is for the people who think pit bulls are dangerous. Every dog is dangerous if their mad or trained to fight! COME ON PEOPLE! Comment Bulls if you think they are stereotyped and mistreated sometimes.

♥ HOW TO RECOGNIZE ANIMAL CRUELTY - "The best way to tell whether a pet is being or has been abused is to examine him and his surrounding environment. Check out our list of signs that may alert you an animal needs help." Website: http://www.aspca.org/Fight-Animal-Cruelty/how-to-recognize-cruelty.aspx

Family Pets: The Ultimate Immune System-Boosters for Children?

Charlie Dog Boxer Company applauds the hard work of the ASPCA. Helping animals in need is a cause everyone should get behind.

When you're sick...

8 Photos That Prove Dogs Are The Most Compassionate Creatures On Earth

Awww Sweet German Shepherd ❤ We miss Zack .rescued him from a breeder that was going to KILL him because he was the wrong color - LIVER - which is a red german shepard and not considered a registered breed. Loved him and he loved us.

The Power of Social Networking For Shelter Dogs

The Power of Social Networking For Shelter Dogs

Adopt, change a life. I love animals and it kills me to see animals in shelters and know that I can not adopt them all and take them all home with me.

Yep! - Yep!  Repinly Humor Popular Pins

imgfave - amazing and inspiring images

Support No-Kill at your local municipal shelters! NOKILL refers to at least a 90% SAVE ratio at open admission, municipal shelters - programs explained in Nathan Winograd's book, REDEMPTIONS.

NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTERS NATION-WIDE ! kill shelters: stop the cruelty of killing animals and think what if i were them! help me get the president to outlaw kill shelters!

They talk. You just have to speak their language.

So much love said and not a single word needed! All this beautiful lab needs is some green eyes and he would look just like my sweet riley! I miss you riley!

Wake up people!!! Why are we letting this happen!

3 Million healthy and adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year spay - neuter - adopt - be part of the solution. This is just an unacceptable number. People need to be educated about this and about adopting instead of

True about dogs

True about dogs

Magazine Rack Crate, Wood Dog Crate, Table Dog Crate | Solutions

Magazine Rack Crate, Wood Dog Crate, Table Dog Crate for my puppy dogs!

Who are you going to tell today? Spread the word far and wide about puppy mills. #NMDR #nomorepuppymills

Don't buy from backyard breeders while homeless animals die in shelters. Stop puppy mills.

April always does this & when I say "Hey! That's my spot, silly." She just gives me this doe eyed look like, "Sorry 'bout it." lol

Pitbulls are the most misunderstood breed there is. If they are raised right, then they can be the best dogs. I've had pitbulls all of my adult life and I am here to educate the ignorant and hopefully.

:'( (via All about Dogs on Facebook) Heartbreaking ... happens to too many animals!!!

Pedigree Adoption Drive: As time goes by, my chances will only decrease. Please, help me find a home. So good, so sad :(

Wiener Dog Races...Buda, TX...this weekend!

WIENER DOG RACES The Annual Buda Wiener Dog Races take place this coming weekend. I don’t advocate dog racing but this sounds like it’s just for fun, so may the best dachshund win!