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The Doctor's wisdom

You see what I mean when I say that eleven is the best doctor.......he can make you feel like you're in there with him.....he makes you CARE. And that is a incredible thing

For all the cute quotes, pictures and couples to help you conguer your love life! Dont let anything stand in your way for the quest for love!!

What is an Indigo Child? me as Indigo, I can't take it anymore. I'll just pack my things and live on the street on my way to find answer. no more suffer. no more suffer.

Does your child need you to understand they are having self image issues because of their weight loss problems? Here's some great help!

Parenting ANY child will teach you the meaning of unconditional love. Parenting a child with autism can be very difficult, but it doesn't take more love than parenting any child. I love my other son Ayden with the same passion as I do my autistic son Thai. As autism parents, we have a moral duty and obligation to make sure ALL of our children know just how much they are loved, especially our NT children who may be feeling neglected or ignored because an autistic sibling requires so much more…

If only I had known years ago! I did read in a book that parents either always allow arguing or never allow disagreement which is bad too. Need to find middle ground. I know I've gone to far in allowing the arguing. Which means she'll be just like me! :( God help her! Learn How to Stop Your Child from Arguing with You - Empowering Parents

Fuliginous - sooty. Origin Fuliginous can be traced to the Latin fūlīginōsus meaning "full of soot," with fūlīgō, "soot," as its root. It entered English in the mid-1500s.