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Old friends

Old friends

While boxes of Jell-O pudding pops may be but a memory, we can still remember their glory days through these commercials!

Jell-O Pudding Pops (1982

Vintage Packaging Design Inspiration

75 diseños de packaging vintage

Nestle Strawberry Quik powder flavoring for your milk. It came with a little plastic scoop.

Box TV

Huge wooden tv sets - that you had to change the channel. I remember that tv, man do i remember putting coins in side the tv thinking it's cool. Note that tv was our tv stand since it wasn"t working. Had that same tv.

the good old times

This was my childhood, I'm pretty sure we had the same TV, Super Nintendo, Legos, and the kid on the right kind of looks like me as a kid. wondering if this is some lost photo of me as a kid that my sister posted.

My mom stuck these through her black brush hair curlers to keep them in her hair 1960s

My mom stuck these through her black brush hair curlers to keep them in her hair 1960s

Roller Skating at the rink was so Fun! And Oh! Had to Have the Flashiest-Biggest Pom Poms! Lol

Oh, I always wanted pom-poms on my roller skates! Just heard a song at Ace Hardware yesterday I used to roller skate to: Knock Three Times. Remember that song? That was 40 years ago! I loved rollerskating on Friday nights at Jimmies Rollerdrome!

Do you remember when the t.v. looked like this at night when it signed off? I sure do. :)

Back when TVs were a decorative piece of furniture and us kids were the remote control! Also that multi-color test pattern that came on after the station signed off for the night and they played the star spangled banner.

1915226_1514816995490512_4095912277944553963_n.jpg (720×720)

I loved these things! Used to get them the store next to the school house !

12938294_10207679869746971_6158606174752962656_n.jpg (960×761)

12938294_10207679869746971_6158606174752962656_n.jpg (960×761)