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The Nittany Epicurean: Return to the Blue Monk

As I've mentioned before, I often spend so much time trying to find the next great restaurant or bar to share with you, I don't spend enoug.

The Nittany Epicurean: A Truly "Grand" Breakfast in Florida

The Nittany Epicurean: A Truly "Grand" Breakfast in Florida

Nittany Epicurean: Lunch Date at Allen Burger Venture

It doesn't happen often, but whenever my wife and I have an unexpected free afternoon due to our parents watching the kids, we jump at the .

Nittany Epicurean: Vine & Dine II Recap

Last night, the second installment of Vine & Dine - A Celebration of Local Wine & Food was held at Carmelo's Restaurant in Lewiston.

Nittany Epicurean: Dinner at Big Ditch Brewing Company

Nittany Epicurean: Dinner at Big Ditch Brewing Company

The Nittany Epicurean: Brilliant Breakfast in Pittsford

As you know, we took a trip last weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. On the trip, we had an amazing, authentic Mexican lunch.

The Nittany Epicurean: Good Bar Food in Orchard Park

When I was younger, there weren't that many great restaurants right in the Village of Orchard Park. I'm happy to say that this has changed.

Nittany Epicurean: Roasted Lamb Head and More at The Black Sheep

A few months ago, I finally made it to The Black Sheep to try Chef Steven Gedra's excellent burger at the bar. The delicious burger served.

Nittany Epicurean: Bourbon & Butter

For years, I've been dining in restaurants that have been owned by or had Chef Mike Andrzejewski as the executive chef.

Nittany Epicurean: Dinner at the Griffon Gastropub's New Location

A few months ago, the folks at the Griffon Gastropub in Niagara Falls invited the staff from What's Going On In Buffalo?

The Nittany Epicurean: Long Awaited Trip to Medici House

I'll admit it: I've been avoiding going to Medici House ever since it opened in March of this year.

The Nittany Epicurean: WNY Barbecue Competition - Stop #4

After a short hiatus, the Western New York Barbecue Competition returned over the weekend. Our last stop in the competition was at Despera.

Nittany Epicurean: M R Burger at Marble   Rye

When we first dined at Marble +Rye , half of our table ordered a burger. Every burger that arrived at our table that evening looked delicio.

The Nittany Epicurean: Summer's Eve at Elm Street Bakery

I really am spoiled living less than 10 minutes from some of the best food in Western New York. While I've got some great restaurants aroun.

The Nittany Epicurean: The IPA Battle Continues

As you know, starting at the end of August, I began a Märzen battle to celebrate the beers of Oktoberfest . In the same light, I started.