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Love this !

What is hockey? Hockey is life. Hockey is the best. No other way to live. Live the hockey life.


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When I get to watch a game. Yes. But even with football. But hockey is my number one love

That's how I feel all the time when im watching hockey love or even when I'm at home watching it! But hockey is my number one love


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There isn't a more accurate statement out there. Just because the hockey Gods blessed some players with good looks doesn't mean that's the reason all girls watch the sport. I like hockey because it's the greatest sport ever!

Um yeah I'll be in the first graduate class.

more ice time, some focus on female hockey, and a class or two on the game itself and you can sign me up!

HockeyRule #15: Pick a team and stick with them. NO ONE LIKES A BANDWAGON FAN!!!!!!

Read More About Boy does this bring back memories of our many many years spent in hockey rinks! I wouldn't trade them for anything.

We gonna have words if you keep bashing on my team!

signing Sidney to a 12 year contract and losing Talbot yep emotionally attached lol!

My son is almost His dream is to play for the leafs one day. I’m so proud of what he’s accomplished. He knows his chances to make it to the NHL are beyond slim but he knows I will always support his passion.

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