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Malakir Bloodwitch mtg Magic the Gathering Zendikar rare black vampire shaman creature card

Flying, protection from white When Malakir Bloodwitch enters the battlefield, each opponent loses life equal to the number of Vampires you control. You gain life equal to the life lost this way.

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Avacyn Restored Harvester of Souls black rare deathtouch horror creature card mtg Magic the Gathering

Harvester of Souls, Creature - Demon Deathtouch Whenever another nontoken creature dies, you may draw a card.

Skeletal Vampire - Creature - Cards - MTG Salvation

Skeletal Vampire from Guildpact for Magic the Gathering TCG (MTG)

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Stromkirk Noble mtg Magic the Gathering rare red vampire creature card Innistrad


Master of Predicaments - playset - Core 2015 - Magic the Gathering

Magic: the Gathering - Phyrexian Swarmlord - New Phyrexia by Wizards of the Coast. $0.71. A single individual card from the Magic: the Gathering (MTG) trading and collectible card game (TCG/CCG).. From the New Phyrexia set.. This is of Rare rarity.. Magic: the Gathering is a collectible card game created by Richard Garfield. In Magic, you play the role of a planeswalker who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of cards represents all the ...

Magic: the Gathering - Phyrexian Swarmlord - New Phyrexia by Wizards of the Coast. This is of Rare rarity. From the New Phyrexia set

Resolute Archangel - would be quite a giggle late game :3

Black Friday 2014 Magic: the Gathering - Resolute Archangel - Magic 2015 from Magic: the Gathering Cyber Monday.

Sword of Light and Shadow Masterpiece Series Kaladesh Inventions Magic the Gathering card

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