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Franz Kline (1910-1962) is often pigeonholed as a "black ...

Abstrakcyjjny ekspresjonizm Franz Kline - Henry H II Franz Kline used stark tonal contrasts and variations of scale to explore gestural movement in his Abstract Expressionist paintings.

Franz Kline - Yellow, Orange and Purple

Franz Kline - Yellow, Orange and Purple abstract oil on canvas. I love it when Kline uses bright colour.

Franz Kline, Merce C, 1961 Fell in love with this at the SI American Art Museum the other day and fell even more in love when I walked up and found it was inspired by Merce Cunningham

Franz Kline

Structure and Imagery: Franz Kline: In Color. Franz Jozef Kline (May 1910 – May was an American painter mainly associated with the abstract expressionist movement centered around New York in the and 1950