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BTS' Jin and J-Hope make an accidental cameo in a cover video. He seriously had no idea who they were!!!!!!

BTS' Jin and J-Hope make an accidental cameo in a cover video. Ricky Dillon seriously had no idea who they were! The worst part is that I saw that video before I got into Kpop and thought that they were cute.

Wise words of Ricky Dillon, candy is WAY better anyways so, I mean...yeah (old)

dont do drugs eat candy it feels the same without all of the life threatening side effects

O2L crew

☁︎jaysee on

rickydillon kianlawley trevormoran jccaylen connorfranta sampottorff I love these boys

((had to change my connor FC to ricky dillon))

Filmed some super fun videos with con da bon! I love how hey turned out :~)

Happy birthday to the one and only ricky dillon! You are one of the funniest people on YouTube and you can always make me smile no matter what. Keep reaching for your dreams and I know things will continue to get bigger and better for you from here. Thanks for sharing your life with me and all if your other viewers!

Ricky Dillon …… kind of has a singing career

Connor and Ricky! All I want to say is that ever since I've started watching them on YouTube they have changed my life in a good way so support them. Buy Ricky's new song on iTunes nobody.love it

I am meeting Ricky Dillon on January and I can not even explain how freaking excited I am