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You're selling out souls but I care about mine. I've got to get stronger and I won't give up the fight! - Scream

When People Remember Me: I hope someday, even if I have great accomplishments in life or not, people will remember me for how much I cared, and how much I wanted to see them succeed as well.

Instagram photo by hallstromhome - Public Service Announcement- I am so sick of hearing about mean people Particularly older women in the decor community on Instagram. Now I try to stay positive and up lifting but not today. I pretty much stick to myself and do what ever I want on IG but occasionally someone will send me a message telling me of a mean person. I think this happens because people know I care and am companionate to others. I try to be loving and kind (yet faulty I am) and so…

Exactly so don't expect shit. Before you judge & drag my name & life through the mud. Please make sure you look in the fuckin mirror, make sure your hands are fuckin clean, & you're fuckin perfect. Before you assume you know SHIT about me, where I've been and what I've fuckin survived. People only know what I care to tell!