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Evil Queen - 6 * 2 "A Bitter Draught"

"Looks like the student has finally outgrown the master" - Regina and Rumple

Under the stairs

A very potter glee. I love darren, glee, starkid, avpm, all of it.

OUAT Regina and Snow White parallels

Wow, see she relates happiness to others sorrow because of her heartless mother. I love Regina.

Killian Jones and Emma Swan - 5 * 20 "Firebird" #CaptainSwan

Killian Jones and Emma Swan - 5 * 20 "Firebird" This scene has destroyed me!

Emma Swan and Oracle - 6 * 1 "The Saviour"

"You can change the path to the destination but the destination is the same. The day you saw and the battle you saw, you will die" - Emma Swan and Oracle ((WHATTT?

A deleted scene from s4 when the queens of darkness kidnap belle. Rumple goes to Regina first and accuses her of taking belle

Awesome Evil Queen Regina and Rumple in an awesome third or fourth season episode of Once

Jennifer and Colin - #SDCC 2014 -  That was like their first real kiss:

What I like even better is that she said "I have issues?" (rather than her character) and he agreed :D


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