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Gladiolus Carmineus

Gladiolus carmineus is a striking geophyte native to South Africa with intensely red-pink flowers. It grows up to 30 - 50 cm high.

Gladiolas - My grand mother's name is Gladys, derived from these beautiful flowers which my grandpa used to plant all around their garden for her; for years. One day, I will get beautiful watercolor gladiolas in her favourite colour tattooed in my skin, so she stays with me, for the rest of my life!

Growing Gladiolus Plants - Tips On Caring For Gladiolus

Care Of Gladiolus – How To Grow Gladiolus In Your Garden (Grandma Sima grew these)

Pink Gladiolus - Bing Images

Pink Gladiolus - Bing Images

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Gladiolus - signifies remembrance – fitting for an anniversary with so many years to recall. Also expressing vibrancy and infatuation, this showy flower tells the recipient that he or she "pierces the heart.

Gladiolus varius sword lily graines

Gladiolus varius, an attractive sword lily native to South Africa. Gladiolus varius grows 45 cm - 70 cm high, with fan-like leaves and large deep pink flowers with dark pink to purple streaks.


The Ivydene Gardens Gladiolus American E Corm Gallery: Site Map for comparison pages of E*** named gladiolus whose photos are split into flower colour, foliage colour, seed, form/shape and collections in flower beds

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Gladiolus Flower (August Birth Flower), my son's birth flower and a part of my flower arrangement tattoo


Gladiolus represents strength of character, while the white color symbolizes forgiveness, healing,& purity. Possible tattoo relating to massage therapy