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Hyperloop ya tiene CEO, y abrirá la primera pista de alta velocidad el año que viene - Contenido seleccionado con la ayuda de

California billionaire unveils futuristic 'Hyperloop' transport

The Hyperloop: Futuristic crash-proof capsules that would whisk people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in half an hour.

Dream Chaser Space Plane Could Take On Air Force Missions Like The X-37B

X-38, ISS Crew Return Vehicle, 1st Flt 1999, Cancelled 29 Apr 2002, No. Built 2+1 Orbital Type

1956 Citroen 2CV, classic econobox retro boxy art deco...It actually means 2 horses! Drove one in Paris when 14...

Hyperloop and Friends: Why Don't We Have Super-High-Speed Rail Already?

Engineers for decades have dreamed of transit systems that can go faster than ordinary MagLev and approach speeds of many hundreds of miles per hour, like Elon Musk has proposed with this forthcoming Hyperloop proposal. So why don't we have them yet?