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#PlantLab Promises Efficient and Sustainable “Vertical Farms”

Fresh pineapples growing in greenhouses - main crop item.

pineapples. photo by john kernick.  been there...in   HI....VERY VERY SWEET PINEAPPLES

This pineapple plant can be found at some florist. Currently on my sales floor. You can cut the pineapple, (kinda small in size but still edible) and re-root the top for another plant. Both plants will re produce.

Lush garden in the streets of Sao Miguel island.

Lush garden in the streets of Sao Miguel island.

Pineapple (Ananas comosus) - a plant is definitely cool when you can cut the top off the fruit and grow a whole new one...

Not kidding, I worked with a girl in London who asked me how big Pineapple trees where! That awkward moment when you thought pineapples grew on trees.

Lagoa das 7 cidades, Azores

With nine exotic islands just four hours' flying time from the UK, the Azores archipelago has plenty of fascinating things for visitors to see and do.