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28 dogs that know exactly how you feel in the morning

How Lazy Are You Actually? You checked off 55 out of 100 things on the Lazy List! Congratulations, you are the perfect level of lazy: SUPER LAZY. Who cares if you skip a social event or seven? You have better things to do.

Moose Hunting

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"Yeah, I'm into fitness. Fitness whole pizza in my mouth."

Damn You, Delicious Pizza, For Making It So Hard to Lose Weight!

This dog is basically our spirit animal and just one of the few hilarious memes we've rounded up that all pizza lovers can't relate to.

"This dog who kinda looks like he's handling it right now, but deep down, he can't...he just can't handle it". I DIED.

They just can’t handle it…

They just can’t handle it.I was laughing so hard by the end of this that my dog was looking at me like this.he couldnt handle it.: Laughing So Hard, Giggle, Cant Handle, So Funny, Animal