the absolute hardest part

Why can't I forget you? Will these feelings ever go away? The hardest part is waking up in the morning remembering what you were trying to forget last night

When I feel depressed                                                       …

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I feel like ive ruined you.😔😔 and i cant ever forgive myself for that.😔 because i suck😔😔😔😔😔 im so stupid to have done that!

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& his last words to her were not what he longed to hear.each conversation ended with.she longed to hear the words.but instead he said words that tore her apart.

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This is so true. I lost someone who was empty and had nothing to give. But they lost someone who was completely full and ready to share their heart with another person.

sometimes I choose to let my heart down in the sea of regret and the hurricane of bittersweet memories that you left behind. Someday I will reach a place of healing where this no longer happens.

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but sometimes the goodbye you never got is better for your heart. Because although the goodbye may hurt when things are left unfinished.realize that sometimes the truth or what you don't know could hurt you even more.

This was me for SO MANY years of my life. It's painful and keeps your heart from healing.

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sad enough right?

while you are out, I sit here thinking about you. Worried, wondering, missing you, you just keep going. Not even a thought of me. I always fought for you. Why did you come to my life when u were nt gonna be mine?

OK, you try to tell me you are mine, in a nonverbal way. But I haven't seen you in three weeks. Am I leaving you behind, are will you catch up to me? I miss your smile!

Somedays it feels like I want her, and I cant imagine why. I still worry about her and know that this is a pain I will have to continue to hold inside forever and ever.

that'd be greattt

that'd be greattt