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My first piece of Doctor Who fanart. No regrets.

My first piece of Doctor Who fanart. No regrets.

"Its......BEAUTIFUL!!!" <<But do you really think any of us would be happy with everything all the same like that? Really?

Something tells me the street is called baker street, and all of the house numbers are that would be my guess. Doctor who, sherlock, supernatural

Me whenever I talk about a movie

"Isn't traveling with you one big spoiler?" "I try to keep you away from major plot developments.which, to be honest, I seem to be very bad at." Doctor, I think you're seriously understating it. by alyson

Ah, I finally figured out what a "dweek" is: it's one of those fans who are really only fans of David Tennant and Matt Smith, not the Doctor. They watch Doctor Who like they watch Glee. For the hot guys and not any kind of plot. It's interchangeable with "gleek" and "hipster" probably. *Side note: not that I don't love David Tennant and Matt Smith, just . . .«««I love the Doctor as much as I love the actors if I have to make a Doctor board to prove it ,I will

This is pretty true because my friends dont watch/get doctor who so I just explain it to them and they become super confused and I just walk off shaking my head XD

Doctor Who

I was gonna move to my Doctor who board, but then I read the title of the board I was already on and decided this was more appropriate :P

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I personally think that Rose Tyler and Clara Oswald made the greatest impact on 10 and 11 respectively. Rose just had such a sad ending.