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kiss jonah,marry Zach,friendzone corbyn(he has a gf), best friends with Daniel,make out with jack....or kiss Zach,marry Zach, make out with Zach be best friends with Zach and friend zone the rest

Kiss Corbyn (Ik he has a gf), marry Zach, friendzone Jonah, best friend Jack, and make out with Daniel.

It will be a long conversation.

I've legitimately terrified people when answering this question before I got into k-pop. I used to answer with emo punk rock/scream-o. Now when I say k-pop people don't run, they just ask what's that and then nod their head in confusion

This is why Zach will never get a GF........ JK

This is why Zach will never get a GF. JK that is so zach then he will make that face with his jaw

Bands lol

The same way some one tells me to stop talking about one direction thanks Mackenzie

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Read 14 from the story Like Limelight ; completed by wolfhardseavey (jackie) with reads. in loser we're.

Is you BLIND?! Are ya?! What planet do you come from?!!

Literally my friends actually said this and I was so close to punching them in the face!

Jack is me when my friend is taking a picture

Jack is me when my friend is taking a picture

I have an unhealthy obsession with wdw

This is a story about a guy that is in a boy band, he asked you for y… Fanfiction

I all ways feel like Jonah is left out not just because of this picture but ❤️❤️❤️

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