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Big Bang Theory

Poster illustrations for the Big Bang Theory. Leonard, Howard, Sheldon and Rajesh. Inkscape April 2012 The Big Bang Theory

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This was one of my favorite Boy Meets World quotes: "I do my thing and you do your thing. You are you and I am I. And if, in the end, we end up together, it's beautiful.

Joey was so funny! I miss FRIENDS.

When reminded that "it's white" and learning that the category is "Things you keep in the refrigerator," Joey then says, exasperated, "What would a ghost be doin' in the refrigerator?" One of my all-time favorite scenes.

Or how about that is the same actress playing two different characters. That's what acting is and that's what actors do

How I Met Your Mother and Friends much as I love this way is her father chandler. Her father in the show is soooo not chandler. Though it is funny that lily and Monica have their similar ways

Ross: ID like to talk to you about something that's uncomfortable. Joey: sure uh how bout you showering with your mom. Ross: I actually had a topic in mind

the outtakes of this are just as hilarious as the real scene. jennifer aniston can't keep it together

Bagpipe Phoebe is Bagpipe Awesome..

One of my favorite episodes - my mom and I used to cry laughing during this scene :)

fuckyeahcontacones: “ Kaley Cuoco. ”

Picture - poster photo of the comdey series The Big Bang Theory 7 Uploaded by zaina to the category people

THEY ARE THE SAME SHOW!!! Mind blown!:

Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother

Funny pictures about Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and cool pics about Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. Also, Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother photos.


Folk Art

This show is frickin' hilarious! I love Joey's face in the last pic! Rachel is like "Really?" and he's like "Well, that makes sense." Such typical female and male reactions to something like this. The male is more non-chalant. Hee hee!

Pretty sound logic.

The more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink! Love Joey's face in the last still. Phoebe is awesome!