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Games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown are favorites of mine not just for their strategic components but for the colorful yet artistic and decidedly intimidating designs of the aliens. The Elder aliens - Ethereals - are perhaps the most, their smooth helmets being almost Giger-esque and their robed bodies seeming almost like mummified wraiths.

Ethereal (XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

Character design and concept development - Ethereal - robed, sci-fi, digital art,science fiction

johndoeufify on tumblr...maybe? I cant get anything from searching that or reverse image searchig.

this character has an innocent and harmless style towards it . the character has a rusty and scruffy appearance towards it because it is made from spare parts which do not match.

Dreaming by *aditya777 on deviantART Image brought to you by robotradio.com - Cosmic Streams of Consciousness - Images to listen to..

"Another related concept." could be interesting to explore the headpiece to show robots were controlled by humans before they were programed to act on their own?

M5  Love this so much, all the work thats gone into the reflection of the helmet is truly awesome..!

Inspiration-->astronaut by ~jTonatiuh on deviantART- futuristic/ cyborg/ AI/ planetary explorer/ scifi/ futuristic

LOVE this reference - one of my favourites. I love his sword and his attitude and his stance. I think his armor is on the right track, but is a bit overly detailed and complicated. It has the right vibe though.

WildStar art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.