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"Taco knows how long It's been since you washed that bra you're wearing." "You disgust taco." "Keep your mouth shut, Taco." Funny greeting cards with cats

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Thats actually the flemmins reflex and cats do that to smell things because their smelling sensors are in the back of their mouths.

I Was Watching The Men Synchro When My Dad Walked In - GiantGag

Funny pictures about Awkward moment with my dad. Oh, and cool pics about Awkward moment with my dad. Also, Awkward moment with my dad.

Eeeyyyyyyyyy!  Brenton if he were a snake


Funny pictures about Comedian snake. Oh, and cool pics about Comedian snake. Also, Comedian snake.


Funny pictures about World War Tea Has Officially Begun. Oh, and cool pics about World War Tea Has Officially Begun. Also, World War Tea Has Officially Begun photos.

Two kinds of people

Two kinds of people

at the cal-neva lodge in lake tahoe, the nevada/california state line actually runs through the swimming pool. fun fact: cal-neva was once co-owned by frank sinatra. this is cool awesome cause you can tell people you swam from nevada to california!

Oh glorious Zebra Butt Tell me your secrets

Tell me your secrets

and now, here's a picture of an ostrich falling in love with a zebra butt

so much fury for a maple leaf

Never not re pin. Hilarious what happens to Canadian on Canada day humor funny picture. I'm dying.

there you have it folks. Someone finally said it..

Funny comments, but I seriously watched this movie every night when I was 17 and Religiously. I loved it! I was too old to be watching Disney Channel movies, but that didn't stop me!

seriously, who has a stethoscope just lying around???

Weird but functional…

On couldn't find my headphone and it's late at night. I used a stethoscope and put the volume on low. Of I can't find my headphones what makes you think I'm going to find a stethoscope lying around.

☻☹МуαНЅ ρΙиТєяєЅТ

The Little Things In Life

Funny pictures about The Little Things In Life. Oh, and cool pics about The Little Things In Life. Also, The Little Things In Life photos.

I couldn't stop laughing!!

Lol hiding behind the couch, i would too heh. Don't get me wrong i love deer but to wake up home alone and just find. A deer. IN YOUR HOUSE. My first thought would be how the hell it got in.

the dads of tumblr

Hahahahaha these all sound like my dad. Except the Japanese man part lol

her true form appears when she sings  but honestly satan gets offended when you call her that ...

Excuse me while I go laugh at this for three years. I like Taylor but this is funny.<<I think the reason why this is funny is because we like her.