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“I wasn't happy with my life before. Always sad and lonely. This helped me, hope it helps you 💙”

Playing with mirrors… this is awesome! I would love to try this in a photo shoot with someone!!!

Playing with mirrors…

Throwness into life...

Funny pictures about Playing with shadows. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with shadows. Also, Playing with shadows photos.

Redes de Mercadeo .. #Negocio del Siglo XXI http://vbc.coinsclub.mx/1385

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Sarah Robbins new book.

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This picture of someone with an umbrella in the rain under the eiffel tower reminds me of the time I got stuck in the rain in Barcelona.

An Optical Illusion in Paris. This shot was taken under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Do you see the face? yes, but there is a picture underneath of a face!

Il vero problema della #comunicazione è che non ascoltiamo per capire ma per rispondere.    #psicologia #comunicazione #relazioni

The main objective of a stay interview is to engage and retain employees, but many companies do not have a fixed plan or system to ensure that the stay interviews are conducted successfully