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38 Inspirational Quotes About Life

38 Inspirational Quotes About Life

Because God made me a weeping Christian, I am an emotional crier. Because of human judgment regarding this subject, I have been cast as weak. God gave me strength to feel and emotions that cause me to cry. He blesses my life - emotions and years included.

But give me a pen and I will have pages to write about it. Also, i don't believe this is exclusive to INFJ's

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Introvert, Dear is a community for introverts and HSPs. Get insight and inspiration about introversion, high sensitivity, and personality type here.

I don't think I've ever let myself be so vulnerable and so completely trusting in front of another person <3 Thank you for literally catching me when I stumble and fall sometimes

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If I tell you I need you, do not take it lightly. I do everything I can to never have to depend on anyone, to never show weakness, and if I say that I need you, it means I am trusting you to catch me when I fall. CES will you catch me?

the iceberg effect. with me even less is showing on the surface. no one knows me completely i dont think. maybe @eecrompton @lun

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Iceberg under water's surface, You may know me, but you have no idea WHO I AM< Famous and successful people who prove INTROVERTS ROCK!

"Ordinary life does not interest me." - Anais Nin #quotes #bohemian #offbeatliving

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"Ordinary life does not interest me." - Anais Nin Haha like this one, but sometimes ordinary can be a good thing too.

You had me in tears!! Thanks baby!

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Behind every successful women is a best friend given her crazy ideas. (I'm the best friend that gives the crazy ideas, that become memories and life long stories)

Accurate. The emotions actually break through the solid shell I have for a chest.

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I’m shy at first but… I do the stupidest random shit when I get comfortable with someone.