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died laughing!

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Strax - The Crimson Horror quotes - Doctor Who season 7

Doctor Who Quotes - Strax by Yukinflake~ I freaking love strax. He was probably my favorite character for season 7, besides the doctor of course.

''Perhaps it is time then for your mandatory medical examination...'' -- Strax; (Doctor Who - BBC Series) source: Doctor Who Memes

This is the best quote ever!! Strax is awesome!

"Strax: Madame Vastra wondered if you were needing any grenades. The Doctor: Grenades? Strax: She might have said help." Doctor Who - The Snowmen #doctorwho

Doctor Who - Deep Breath

Strax is such a child. In a completely awesome way....Doctor Who .. :)...

''May I take your coat'' -- Strax, ''Not wearing a coat...'' -- Clara; Doctor Who.08E01 - ''Deep Breath'' (Doctor Who - BBC Series) source: Doctor Who Memes