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Marathon Recovery Ask the Coach: 6 Tips for Marathon Recovery

There are some things that you can do to make your marathon experience as successful as possible. Start by avoiding these 5 common marathon mistakes.

RICE Treatment. We all know it but do we actually do it?

How to Recover Faster From An Injury

How To Boost Recovery After An Injury (R.Pinned by Joe Lavin of Touch Factor Massage (www.) and Power of Touch Couple's Massage Workshops (www.

Restorative yoga poses to improve running recovery

Post-Marathon Recovery Plan: Come Back Faster and Injury Free

Take the right steps to recovering from a marathon and check out these tips!

21 Days to Total Marathon Recovery

Take the right steps to recovering from a marathon and check out these tips! Drinking chocolate milk after a long run is the best thing to have for a speedy recovery for your muscles!

So I'm getting into the nitty-gritty of my marathon training and the actual running is only one piece of the puzzle.

11 Essential Tips to Recover Right During Marathon Training

Post Marathon Blues Recovery ~ What happens when you've crossed that big goal off your list?

Post Marathon Blues Recovery

Post Marathon Blues Recovery Tips.it is a real thing! Had so much trouble adjusting in the days post-race and people thought I was off-the-deep-end crazy.

Do you have the discipline for rest and recovery?

Finding Your OK

Every running workout can't be a hard workout. We need the easy ones too. But why is rest and recovery for runners so hard? Why is there a fear of rest?