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So pretty <3

flying type pokemon with trainers! I love the pikachu with balloons. Flying, my favorite Pokemon type

pokémon - I Can't Descyther This

pokémon - I Can't Descyther This>>>>may I axew to stop with the pokepuns?>>> Oh unown person give it a rest

I Sea What You Did There

I Sea What You Did There

I Sea What You Did There haha I don't why I laughed so hard at this

Tumblr- we grew up with pokemon puns. 90s kids

The Fast and the Tumblr

I re-watched Pokemon and couldn't help but giggle and roll my eyes at all the puns they used. Puns were the only thing Team Rocket was good at, Ash on the other hand should stick to Pokemon training😂😂

It would be a gread movie

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