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Lana kills me with her facial expressions! :D ------ Once upon a time Regina Mills Lana Parrilla

I prefer the cartoon sassy Hades.---->>>>>Like same!!!!

The funny thing is though I never even made the connection between Rumplestiltskin and the one from Shrek and now my eyes cannot unsee it. I can just imagine him being like *BELLE! GET ME MY ANGRY WIG!

Once Upon a Time S03E13 <<< Sounding like a family already; this scene is definitely one of my Top 10 favorites!

Haha omg hook looks like a disappointed parent in the frame where he says the monster she was gonna marry! I love him 😂😂

Once upon a time behind the scenes

Once upon a time behind the scenes 〖 Once Upon a Time Frozen Elsa Anna Kristoff Henry Mills behind the scenes funny 〗

Emma's probably thinking 'Gold, you bastard'

What d hell is tjis bitch Milah talking about, she bloddy fucked around with a pirate, leaving he family behind in the ruins. I hate this bloody woman.she deserved every bit of that death. <<<ok calm down, but yeah your right

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Lol, I'm laughing so hard at this and I shouldn't becouse I love ouat and this is so weird but it's so funny I can't stop laughing OMG

I got: Rumplestilskin! Which Once Upon a Time Character are you?

All of your most secret, intimate dreams involve gold body paint.

Colin O'Donoghue funny - Killian Jones -Captain Hook- Once Upon A Time

Colin O'Donoghue funny - Killian Jones -Captain Hook- Once Upon A Time *me when hook dies*

Love that face! lol I'd forgive him... Once Upon a Time - Hook/Belle

There are so many funny moments in once upon a time! This one is probably my second favorite because of Hooks face when he says sorry.but that doesn't make this one any less funny!