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Appropriate for today

Let me rephrase cause don't want to cause trouble. It was a repin I didn't write it I like the quote sorry if it offends you that's your own #guiltyconscience

I don't find it humorous in the least; your allergy to the truth actually saddens me immensely. That's a deep pit you're digging for yourself.

You can change your hair, make-up, clothes and even lose weight, but if you don't fix the ugly on the inside, none of that matters. Cause you just can't fix ugly!

Interesting...sounds like my ex's insecure wife. It could also be the ugly that made her that way.

You stalk me, my family & friends for 2 years, posting negatively about everything I do weekly then you claim YOU are the victim when you get some posts back in your face. Grow up. You are the creator of your own drama, chaos and mess. I have ALL of your posts documented and printed.You posted your lies and degrading pins about me BEFORE I posted BACK.. Quit whining about being a victim, leave us all alone now and go take those meds

Paranoid people thinking everything is about them and then they put on the drama queen hat and cry about it.

So tired of dealing with people who create drama. Why can't you just leave me alone? I don't want to play your game.