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I love Niall's!! xD That would be me xD<<<< I can imagine myself shouting what Niall says to my kids so they wake up.

How One Direction would wake up their future children Niall's is so cute!<<<<< This is soooo fetus but it's still soooo kawaiii

#RealDirectionersLoveLouis I'm tired of all the hate he gets. I mean enough is enough already. If you don't like Louis then you don't like one direction. Without it wouldn't be the same. If you where in Louis' shoes wouldn't you start to get tired of all this nonsense. Having to worry about dating Eleanor because people think he's gay. People invading your privacy all the time. Not getting much time to relax and enjoy anything. Just give him a break! So just stop already. ~Adiah❤❤❤

I LOVE YOU LOUIS! I DO CARE WHEN YOU CRY ❤️ Louis was the first member of one direction that I fell in love with and my love for him grows more and more each day! It would break my heart to see Louis cry!


Ahhaha ahh:')) thanks for the advice Harry!) "If you're gunna get in trouble for hitting someone, might as well hit 'em hard.

that escalated quickly

One Direction and /// I'm not a one direction fan but this applies to my (not-so) inner Kpop fangirl side of me so yeah I'm pinning this because I do this too!

Hahaha :D

Yes, this can't be more accurate! Exept me and my friend are freaking out and there's this one friend that's like Liam/Zayn.