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6 of the Most Beautiful Natural Holes in the Earth!

The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km from the mainland and Belize City. The hole is circular in shape, over 300 m across and 124 m deep.

10 Most Amazing Lakes in the World

10 Most Amazing Lakes in the World

Beautiful pink Lake Hillier, Western Australia, a unique conservation area, just across. The pink water is surrounded on all sides by bright green gum trees, separated from the blue of the ocean only by a white strip of sand.

Cameron Falls (inside the Waterton Lakes National Park), Alberta, Canada - argolite (red-colored sediment) causes the water to turn red when heavy rains occur. #ScoutsCanada #NationalParks #Canada

Nope this isn't photoshop, this pink waterfall is 100% real

Cameron Falls Alberta, Canada Incredibly rare moment: a waterfall turned tomato soup red. The red coloring of the water is a result of heavy rainfall washing sediment (with large quantities of argolite) into the river.

"Pinkie" is an extremely rare pink bottlenose dolphin.  Pinkie first appeared in Lake Calcasieu in 2007. The lake is just east of Beaumont, Texas and just south of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Is Captured On Camera Swimming in lake Calcasieu Lake Charles Louisiana

Pink Waters: Lake Retba in Senegal

Lake Retba also known as Lac Rose meaning Pink Lake, lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal. Named for its pink waters caused by Dunaliella salina algae and is known for its high salt content, up to in some areas.

Travel: Lake Hillier Australia ~ this would be amazing to see someday!

INTRODUCTION:Lake Hillier is a saline lake on the edge of Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche.

Senegal's Lake Retba, or as the French refer to it Lac Rose, is pinker than any milkshake, due to the cyanobacteria. Much like at the Dead Sea, people can float effortlessly in the massive pink water .

Lake Retba, Senegal (western Africa) Can't believe I had never even heard of this! (Lac Rose/the Pink Lake!) The pink color is from a bacteria that grows in the lake due to it's extremely high salt content.

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coiour-my-world: “Perfect Pink by `James Wheeler ~ Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada ”

Scientists aren't certain why the water in Lake Hillier in Western Australia is pink.

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The pink and lovely. Hiller Lake (Western Australia) Its startling color remains a mystery and while scientists have proven it’s not due to the presence of algae, unlike the other salt lakes down under, they still can’t explain why it’s pink.