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Whoops... See what I mean? My dirty mind won't fucking quit!!!! XD

I thought he was talking about something wlse, if you know what I mean (dirty minds know)

If she's honest, funny, laid back, can hold her liquor, has a dirty mind and an even dirtier vocabulary, eats pizza, and lets you touch her butt. Marry her, yesterday.

If she's honest, funny, laid back, can hold her liquor, has a dirty mind and an…

a sexy imagination

"I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination." Don't let anyone tell you (and your sexy imagination) otherwise.

This happens a lot at our house. As it applies to food...get your mind out of the gutter. ❤ DiamondB! Pinned ❤

He grinned and then stuck his tongue out and licked my forehead. I laughed and then tried to wipe where he’d licked. “Nope,” he said, taking my hand away from my head. “If I lick it, it’s mine.” “My forehead is yours?”--House of Korba



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Leo coming in at #2. I'll take that cause my Scorpio friends are sexual beasts :) @INDI Interiors Shay @Karin H Versen @Aaron Kapor Becker @Katie Hrubec Koleszar

Dirty Minded Scoundrels top My Astrology Chart Basics: ♑Capricorn Sun Sign ♓Pisces Ascendant- Rising 🌙Moon in♐Sagittarius Venus in Scorpio Mars in♑Capricorn

Frank is SO innocent xD

Resultado de imagen de pjo hoo fan art I love all of their faces. Nico is in awe and frank is like 'what the heck' and Jason, Percy, and Leo look horrified

One Of My Favorite Little Johnny Jokes

I thought he was really smart at first, which was true, but when the TEACHER started giving out questions, and the principal claims he got them wrong, I realized how dirty they were