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Haha repin while you still can!! #HairDieEffects <3 Michael Clifford <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS

Ok can I just say mikey has hair he isn't bald and we all no it. If wants to dye his hair he can i mean he's hot no matter what color his hair is!

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I love them all, but my favs are Ice Cream, and Unicorn and Red Power Ranger, and Both Blondes and more recently Galaxy is my favorite so far!

News report: A teenage girl started awwing a 5 Seconds of Summer adorable moment approximately 2000 years ago. She finally ran out of breath and had to stop.  Breaking news report: The awww has now started again.

It literally breaks my heart when people talk bad about Mikey he's an angel just look at him! And his personality is just amazing and he's so sweet And cares about everyone and just I love

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The faceted that they hated each other at one point confused me 😂