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"The Nerd Who Stole My Heart (A Marcel/Harry Styles Fan Fiction) - Chapter by butterflyonharry - "Alyssa starts off her sophomore year of school a lot differently than she planned when she meets a g…"

I better find Harry freaking Styles on my 21st birthday in 6 years

I'm saying yes to anyone that wants to date me now if he's a total nerd. If he thinks he's bad a** and isn't a good kid, no. But a nerd, yeah :)

I will forever repin this. Harry and Marcel Best Song Ever {gif}=perfection

20 Reasons To Love Harry Styles On His 20th Birthday

Imagine marcel slowly coming out of the nerdy stage........ Oh gosh the marcel feels r back

Imagine marcel slowly coming out of the nerdy stage. Oh gosh the marcel feels r back<<< I think u mean the marcel feels never really left I got the same glasses !


The Marketing Guy - The Marketing Guy

Read story The Marketing Guy by samiedawn (Samie Dawn) with reads. onedirection, marcel, one. Okay first off, this is a fanfic about Marcel, the marketin.

Marcel best song ever GIF. Cx OMGOSH! This is too cute! Cx lop

Marcel the Marketing Guy {GIF} lol can we just take a minute to embrace this.this is why i love Harry lol