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Six Great Tomatoes to Grow

It’s the crazy tomato lady again. Yes, I went overboard again this year and have three raised beds of tomatoes.

Roma tomatoes, no garden is complete without them. (Growing these now)

Remove lower leaves below first fruit cluster when it starts to form for better air circulation.

How to Grow a Garden You’ll Actually Use

How to Grow a Garden You'll Actually Use

How to Grow a Garden You’ll Actually Use Salsa garden Smoothie garden Pizza garden Culinary Herb Garden Medicinal Herb Garden Kitchen Garden Tea Garden Garden for Preserving Salad Garden Christmas Garden Awesome!

Discover how you can get large crops from a small space using Espalier, regular pruning, dwarfing and graft several species onto the one root stock. Read on for more details

How to Espalier Apple Trees, Tips for Pruning, Multi-Grafting, Dwarfing Fruit Trees

The peach is a hardy fruit, tougher than it looks. It will grow and ripen fruit successfully even in the north of England, given a south-facing wall.

Clever watermelon frame. I've always wondered about supporting the fruit when you grow melon vertically- this makes so much sense. And you could grow shade-loving vegetables underneath!

Growing watermelons in tight spaces. Weldmesh a-frame suports the vines, while 'weavers bamboo' shelf supports the fruit. Plant leafy greens in the shade under the vines. thanks to Phil Dudman for this brilliance.

There’s absolutely nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato picked right off the plant. One bite and all those debates on whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable go straight out the window. The flavourless tomatoes you buy at the shop just cannot compare to the sweet and juicy treasures you can grow yourself. …

How to grow tomatoes- All you need to know for a bumper crop! Grow a salad in your garden start with juicy tomatoes.

Mama Leone Tomato

‘Mama Leone’

'Mama Leone' is a sauce tomato brought by Italian immigrants to New York. If this is the same Mamma (Louisa) Leone, founder of the historic Italian restaurant in New York, then this tomato might originate from Mombaruzzo, Piedmont, Northern Italy.

The first tomato seeds are planted!

The First Tomato Seeds are Planted