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Freakin right lol

Hardest Job Ever: Working in a bubble wrap factory imagine the self control needed…LOL

I was at a Christmas performance at my sister's school, and there was a kid beside us with the most obnoxious light-up shoes ever! It was so distracting in the dark!

i can't run fast. but I'm getting braces in august and i got glasses this morning! oh man, i am a total nerd!i can run fast if i have light shoes i will go faster!

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"Did you do it?" He asked. "I didn't do it" She responded. "Then why are you laughing, Grif?" "Cause, whoever did it is a freaking genius.

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Funny pictures about Frozen computer. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen computer. Also, Frozen computer.

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I do not know why this is funny. Is my brain planning something before I do it myself.<--- No it's funny because Black Widow would use this. She speaks fluent Russian and Hawkeye is actually deaf so it works

So true!

How did I never notice that? Or maybe we were brainwashed by the sweets industry

Forest Gump!

Love is like a fart if you have to force it it's probably crap Tom Hanks Movie as Forest Gump Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get.

I moved to CA to help an old friend with cancer, and to NC to chase my dream previously. according to my exes family masquerading as her fiancée **funny** I did it because I'm bipolar.. which I'm NOT, lmfao!!! those of us with good hearts are sick of petty shit, and I'm so glad you're chapter has moved on. Remember karma is times 3... so sad you've become who you are...

So true, small town! Funny how when you let someone go then the rumors start😂

Me, too, although other words do slip out occasionally.  It confuses my dog.

I yell "STAY" at objects that keep falling over. That's me that keeps falling over!


Social Media Humor - One day. and will join to become - YOUtwitFACE