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Applied chemistry : a textbook for engineers and technologists / O.V. Roussak and H.D.Gesser

Medicinal organometallic chemistry / volume editors Gerard Jaouen and Nils Metzler-Nolte

Invitation to Physical Chemistry / Gopala Krischna Vemulapalli

Physical chemistry / Thomas Engel, Philip Reid; chapter 26, Computational chemistry, was contributed by Warren Hehre

Organic chemistry / Jonathan Clayden ... [et al.]

Gold nanoparticles for physics, chemistry and biology / by Catherine Louis & Olivier Pluchery

Organic chemistry / Jonathan Clayden ... [et al.]

Discovering chemistry with natural bond orbitals / Frank Weinhold, Clark R. Landis

Cathedrals of science : the personalities and rivalries that made modern chemistry / Patrick Coffey

Molecular Electromagnetism : A Computational Chemistry Aproach, / Stephan P.A. Sauer